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[master] cleanup changelog

use a tab before the keyword type.

use two tabs before the committer username.
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......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
Now builds and runs with Python 3.2
(Trac #710, git dae1d2e24f993e1eef9ab429326652f40a006dfb)
257. [bug] y-aharen
257. [bug] y-aharen
Fixed a bug an instance of IntervalTimerImpl may be destructed
while deadline_timer is holding the handler. This fix addresses
occasional failure of IntervalTimerTest.destructIntervalTimer.
......@@ -72,12 +72,12 @@
b10-xfrout: failed to send notifies over IPv6 correctly.
(Trac964, git 3255c92714737bb461fb67012376788530f16e40)
253. [func] jelte
253. [func] jelte
Add configuration options for logging through the virtual module
(Trac 736, git 9fa2a95177265905408c51d13c96e752b14a0824)
252. [func] stephen
252. [func] stephen
Add syslog as destination for logging.
(Trac976, git 31a30f5485859fd3df2839fc309d836e3206546e)
......@@ -90,36 +90,36 @@
their permissions must be adjusted by hand (if necessary).
(Trac870, git 461fc3cb6ebabc9f3fa5213749956467a14ebfd4)
250. [bug] ocean
250. [bug] ocean
src/lib/util/encode, in some conditions, the DecodeNormalizer's
iterator may reach the end() and when later being dereferenced
it will cause crash on some platform.
(Trac838, git 83e33ec80c0c6485d8b116b13045b3488071770f)
249. [func] jerry
249. [func] jerry
xfrout: add support for TSIG verification.
(Trac816, git 3b2040e2af2f8139c1c319a2cbc429035d93f217)
248. [func] stephen
248. [func] stephen
Add file and stderr as destinations for logging.
(Trac555, git 38b3546867425bd64dbc5920111a843a3330646b)
247. [func] jelte
247. [func] jelte
Upstream queries from the resolver now set EDNS0 buffer size.
(Trac834, git 48e10c2530fe52c9bde6197db07674a851aa0f5d)
246. [func] stephen
246. [func] stephen
Implement logging using log4cplus (
(Trac899, git 31d3f525dc01638aecae460cb4bc2040c9e4df10)
245. [func] vorner
245. [func] vorner
Authoritative server can now sign the answers using TSIG
(configured in tsig_keys/keys, list of strings like
"name:<base64-secret>:sha1-hmac"). It doesn't use them for
ACL yet, only verifies them and signs if the request is signed.
(Trac875, git fe5e7003544e4e8f18efa7b466a65f336d8c8e4d)
244. [func] stephen
244. [func] stephen
In unit tests, allow the choice of whether unhandled exceptions are
caught in the unit test program (and details printed) or allowed to
propagate to the default exception handler. See the bind10-dev thread
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