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[master] use a space and # hash mark before the Trac number in the ChangeLog

parent 3bbdd1e7
......@@ -61,25 +61,25 @@
256. [bug] jerry
src/bin/xfrin: update xfrin to check TSIG before other part of
incoming message.
(Trac955, git 261450e93af0b0406178e9ef121f81e721e0855c)
(Trac #955, git 261450e93af0b0406178e9ef121f81e721e0855c)
255. [func] zhang likun
src/lib/cache: remove empty code in lib/cache and the corresponding
suppression rule in src/cppcheck-suppress.lst.
(Trac639, git 4f714bac4547d0a025afd314c309ca5cb603e212)
(Trac #639, git 4f714bac4547d0a025afd314c309ca5cb603e212)
254. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrout: failed to send notifies over IPv6 correctly.
(Trac964, git 3255c92714737bb461fb67012376788530f16e40)
(Trac #964, git 3255c92714737bb461fb67012376788530f16e40)
253. [func] jelte
Add configuration options for logging through the virtual module
(Trac 736, git 9fa2a95177265905408c51d13c96e752b14a0824)
(Trac #736, git 9fa2a95177265905408c51d13c96e752b14a0824)
252. [func] stephen
Add syslog as destination for logging.
(Trac976, git 31a30f5485859fd3df2839fc309d836e3206546e)
(Trac #976, git 31a30f5485859fd3df2839fc309d836e3206546e)
251. [bug]* jinmei
Make sure bindctl private files are non readable to anyone except
......@@ -88,36 +88,36 @@
group will have to be adjusted. Also note that this change is
only effective for a fresh install; if these files already exist,
their permissions must be adjusted by hand (if necessary).
(Trac870, git 461fc3cb6ebabc9f3fa5213749956467a14ebfd4)
(Trac #870, git 461fc3cb6ebabc9f3fa5213749956467a14ebfd4)
250. [bug] ocean
src/lib/util/encode, in some conditions, the DecodeNormalizer's
iterator may reach the end() and when later being dereferenced
it will cause crash on some platform.
(Trac838, git 83e33ec80c0c6485d8b116b13045b3488071770f)
(Trac #838, git 83e33ec80c0c6485d8b116b13045b3488071770f)
249. [func] jerry
xfrout: add support for TSIG verification.
(Trac816, git 3b2040e2af2f8139c1c319a2cbc429035d93f217)
(Trac #816, git 3b2040e2af2f8139c1c319a2cbc429035d93f217)
248. [func] stephen
Add file and stderr as destinations for logging.
(Trac555, git 38b3546867425bd64dbc5920111a843a3330646b)
(Trac #555, git 38b3546867425bd64dbc5920111a843a3330646b)
247. [func] jelte
Upstream queries from the resolver now set EDNS0 buffer size.
(Trac834, git 48e10c2530fe52c9bde6197db07674a851aa0f5d)
(Trac #834, git 48e10c2530fe52c9bde6197db07674a851aa0f5d)
246. [func] stephen
Implement logging using log4cplus (
(Trac899, git 31d3f525dc01638aecae460cb4bc2040c9e4df10)
(Trac #899, git 31d3f525dc01638aecae460cb4bc2040c9e4df10)
245. [func] vorner
Authoritative server can now sign the answers using TSIG
(configured in tsig_keys/keys, list of strings like
"name:<base64-secret>:sha1-hmac"). It doesn't use them for
ACL yet, only verifies them and signs if the request is signed.
(Trac875, git fe5e7003544e4e8f18efa7b466a65f336d8c8e4d)
(Trac #875, git fe5e7003544e4e8f18efa7b466a65f336d8c8e4d)
244. [func] stephen
In unit tests, allow the choice of whether unhandled exceptions are
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@
243. [func]* feng
Add optional hmac algorithm SHA224/384/812.
(Trac#782, git 77d792c9d7c1a3f95d3e6a8b721ac79002cd7db1)
(Trac #782, git 77d792c9d7c1a3f95d3e6a8b721ac79002cd7db1)
bind10-devel-20110519 released on May 19, 2011
......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ bind10-devel-20110519 released on May 19, 2011
stats module and stats-httpd module, and maybe with other
statistical modules in future. "stats.spec" has own configuration
and commands of stats module, if it requires.
(Trac#719, git a234b20dc6617392deb8a1e00eb0eed0ff353c0a)
(Trac #719, git a234b20dc6617392deb8a1e00eb0eed0ff353c0a)
236. [func] jelte
C++ client side of configuration now uses BIND10 logging system.
......@@ -219,13 +219,13 @@ bind10-devel-20110519 released on May 19, 2011
instead of '%s,%d', which allows us to cope better with
mismatched placeholders and allows reordering of them in
case of translation.
(Trac901, git 4903410e45670b30d7283f5d69dc28c2069237d6)
(Trac #901, git 4903410e45670b30d7283f5d69dc28c2069237d6)
230. [bug] naokikambe
Removed too repeated verbose messages in two cases of:
- when auth sends statistics data to stats
- when stats receives statistics data from other modules
(Trac#620, git 0ecb807011196eac01f281d40bc7c9d44565b364)
(Trac #620, git 0ecb807011196eac01f281d40bc7c9d44565b364)
229. [doc] jreed
Add manual page for b10-host.
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