Commit 3d4ea500 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[2751] Fix a typo

(Yes, it's "an" and not "a" here as the syllable begins with a vowel.)
parent 06091ef8
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ public:
dns::ConstRRsetPtr sig_rrset,
const RdataSet* old_rdataset = NULL);
/// \brief Subtract some RDATAs and RRSIGs from aw RdataSet
/// \brief Subtract some RDATAs and RRSIGs from an RdataSet
/// Allocate and construct a new RdataSet that contains all the
/// data from the \c old_rdataset except for the ones in rrset
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