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[trac800] WrappedSocket

parent d9e757fb
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ import socket
import struct
import os
from bind10_messages import *
from libutil_io_python import recv_fd
logger = isc.log.Logger("boss")
......@@ -60,7 +61,10 @@ class Parser:
Creates the parser. The creator_socket is socket to the socket creator
process that will be used for communication. However, the object must
have a read_fd() method to read the file descriptor. This slightly
unusual modification of socket object is used to easy up testing.
unusual trick with modifying an object is used to easy up testing.
You can use WrappedSocket in production code to add the method to any
ordinary socket.
self.__socket = creator_socket
......@@ -166,3 +170,24 @@ class Parser:
raise CreatorError('Unexpected EOF', True)
result += data
return result
class WrappedSocket:
This class wraps a socket and adds a read_fd method, so it can be used
for the Parser class conveniently. It simply copies all it's guts into
itself and implements the method.
def __init__(self, socket):
# Copy whatever can be copied from the socket
for name in dir(socket):
if name not in ['__class__', '__weakref__']:
setattr(self, name, getattr(socket, name))
# Keep the socket, so we can prevent it from being garbage-collected
# and closed before we are removed ourself
self.__orig_socket = socket
def read_fd(self):
Read the file descriptor from the socket.
return recv_fd(self.fileno())
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ endif
for pytest in $(PYTESTS) ; do \
echo Running test: $$pytest ; \
env PYTHONPATH=$(abs_top_srcdir)/src/lib/python:$(abs_top_builddir)/src/lib/python:$(abs_top_srcdir)/src/bin:$(abs_top_builddir)/src/bin/bind10 \
env PYTHONPATH=$(abs_top_srcdir)/src/lib/python:$(abs_top_builddir)/src/lib/python:$(abs_top_srcdir)/src/bin:$(abs_top_builddir)/src/bin/bind10:$(abs_top_builddir)/src/lib/util/io/.libs \
BIND10_MSGQ_SOCKET_FILE=$(abs_top_builddir)/msgq_socket \
$(PYCOVERAGE_RUN) $(abs_builddir)/$$pytest || exit ; \
......@@ -20,9 +20,10 @@ Tests for the bind10.sockcreator module.
import unittest
import struct
import socket
from bind10.sockcreator import Parser, CreatorError
from import IPAddr
import isc.log
from libutil_io_python import send_fd
from bind10.sockcreator import Parser, CreatorError, WrappedSocket
class FakeCreator:
......@@ -272,6 +273,39 @@ class ParserTests(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertRaises(ValueError, Parser(FakeCreator([])).get_socket,
addr, 42, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
class WrapTests(unittest.TestCase):
Tests for the wrap_socket function.
def test_wrap(self):
# We construct two pairs of socket. The receiving side of one pair will
# be wrapped. Then we send one of the other pair through this pair and
# check the received one can be used as a socket
# The transport socket
(t1, t2) = socket.socketpair()
# The payload socket
(p1, p2) = socket.socketpair()
t2 = WrappedSocket(t2)
# Transfer the descriptor
send_fd(t1.fileno(), p1.fileno())
p1 = socket.fromfd(t2.read_fd(), socket.AF_UNIX, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
# Now, pass some data trough the socket
data = p2.recv(1)
self.assertEqual(b'A', data)
# Test the wrapping didn't hurt the socket's usual methods
data = t2.recv(1)
self.assertEqual(b'B', data)
data = t1.recv(1)
self.assertEqual(b'C', data)
if __name__ == '__main__':
isc.log.init("bind10") # FIXME Should this be needed?
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