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[master] add changelog entry for ticket 2471

note I renumbered existing entry.
parent 53e4c255
bind10-devel-20121115 released on November 15, 2012
506. [doc] jelte
507. [doc] jelte
Added a chapter about the use of the bindctl command tool to
to the BIND 10 guide.
(Trac #2305, git c4b0294b5bf4a9d32fb18ab62ca572f492788d72)
506. [security] jinmei
Fixed a use-after-free case in handling DNAME record with the
in-memory data source. This could lead to a crash of b10-auth
if it serves a zone containing a DNAME RR from the in-memory
data source. This bug was introduced at bind10-devel-20120927.
(Trac #2471, git 2b1793ac78f972ddb1ae2fd092a7f539902223ff)
505. [bug] jelte
Fixed a bug in b10-xfrin where a wrong call was made during the
final check of a TSIG-signed transfer, incorrectly rejecting the
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