Commit 40e0500e authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner

[1357] Update documentation and interface of TSIGContext

Preparation for the upcoming changes:
 * Remove the TODO that'll be solved by this branch.
 * Add a method needed to use it correctly.
parent faa93ae9
......@@ -339,7 +339,6 @@ public:
/// returns (without an exception being thrown), the internal state of
/// the \c TSIGContext won't be modified.
/// \todo Support intermediate TCP DNS messages without TSIG (RFC2845 4.4)
/// \todo Signature truncation support based on RFC4635
/// \exception TSIGContextError Context already signed a response.
......@@ -353,6 +352,19 @@ public:
TSIGError verify(const TSIGRecord* const record, const void* const data,
const size_t data_len);
/// \brief If the last verified message was signed.
/// The RFC2845 allows for some of the messages not to be signed. However,
/// the last message must be signed and the class has knowledge if a given
/// message is last, therefore it can't check that.
/// It is up to the caller to check if the last verified message was signed
/// after all are verified by calling this function.
/// \return If the last message was signed or not.
/// \exception TSIGContextError if no message was verified yet.
bool lastHadSignature() const;
/// Return the expected length of TSIG RR after \c sign()
/// This method returns the length of the TSIG RR that would be
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