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[master] update changelog for merge of #1443

parent 52b36c92
411. [func] muks
412. [func] jelte
Added a command-line option '--clear-config' to bind10, which causes
the system to create a backup of the existing configuration database
file, and start out with a clean default configuration. This can be
used if the configuration file is corrupted to the point where it
cannot be read anymore, and BIND 10 refuses to start. The name of
the backup file can be found in the logs (CFGMGR_RENAMED_CONFIG_FILE).
(Trac #1443, git 52b36c921ee59ec69deefb6123cbdb1b91dc3bc7)
411. [func] muks
Add a -i/--no-kill command-line argument to bind10, which stops
it from sending SIGTERM and SIGKILL to other b10 processes when
they're shutting down.
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