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[master] Update changelog for merge of 2713

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583. [func]* jelte
b10-cmdctl-usermgr has been updated and its options and arguments
have changed; it now defaults to the same accounts file as
b10-cmdctl defaults to. It can now be used to remove users from the
accounts file as well, and it now accepts command-line arguments to
specify the username and password to add or remove, in which case
it will not prompt for them.
Note that using a password on the command line is not recommended,
as this can be viewed by other users.
(Trac #2713, git 9925af3b3f4daa47ba8c2eb66f556b01ed6f0502)
582. [func] naokikambe
New statistics items related unixdomain sockets added into Xfrout :
open, openfail, close, bindfail, acceptfail, accept, senderr, and
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