Commit 4292a7ef authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[master] Disabled use of config-control in kea-dhcp4

    Merge branch '101-cb-add-two-step-configuration-to-the-dhcpv4-server-3'
parents 9fe8a152 b6e628c9
......@@ -596,8 +596,10 @@ configureDhcp4Server(Dhcpv4Srv& server, isc::data::ConstElementPtr config_set,
#ifdef CONFIG_BACKEND // Disabled until we restart CB work
// If there are config backends, fetch and merge into staging config
databaseConfigFetch(srv_cfg, mutable_cfg);
catch (const isc::Exception& ex) {
LOG_ERROR(dhcp4_logger, DHCP4_PARSER_COMMIT_FAIL).arg(ex.what());
......@@ -6259,6 +6259,9 @@ TEST_F(Dhcp4ParserTest, globalReservations) {
EXPECT_FALSE(hosts_cfg->get4(542, Host::IDENT_DUID, &duid[0], duid.size()));
// Rather than disable these tests they are compiled out. This avoids them
// reporting as disbabled and thereby drawing attention to them.
// This test verifies that configuration control with unsupported type fails
TEST_F(Dhcp4ParserTest, configControlInfoNoFactory) {
string config = PARSER_CONFIGS[6];
......@@ -6336,5 +6339,6 @@ TEST_F(Dhcp4ParserTest, serverTag) {
// Make sure a invalid server-tag fails to parse.
ASSERT_THROW(parseDHCP4(bad_tag), std::exception);
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