Commit 42b50c9a authored by Shawn Routhier's avatar Shawn Routhier
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[trac4265] update unittests to go along with token name change

parent e9fbae1a
......@@ -144,11 +144,11 @@ public:
/// @param test_field The type of the field to extract
/// @param result_addr The expected result of the address as a string
void verifyRelay6Eval(const uint8_t test_level,
const TokenRelay6::FieldType test_field,
const TokenRelay6Field::FieldType test_field,
const int result_len,
const uint8_t result_addr[]) {
// Create the token
ASSERT_NO_THROW(t_.reset(new TokenRelay6(test_level, test_field)));
ASSERT_NO_THROW(t_.reset(new TokenRelay6Field(test_level, test_field)));
// We should be able to evaluate it
EXPECT_NO_THROW(t_->evaluate(*pkt6_, values_));
......@@ -1140,22 +1140,22 @@ TEST_F(TokenTest, relay6Field) {
// Then we work our way through the set of choices
// Level 0 both link and peer address should be 0::0
verifyRelay6Eval(0, TokenRelay6::LINKADDR, 16, zeroaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(0, TokenRelay6::PEERADDR, 16, zeroaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(0, TokenRelay6Field::LINKADDR, 16, zeroaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(0, TokenRelay6Field::PEERADDR, 16, zeroaddr);
// Level 1 link and peer should have different non-zero addresses
verifyRelay6Eval(1, TokenRelay6::LINKADDR, 16, linkaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(1, TokenRelay6::PEERADDR, 16, peeraddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(1, TokenRelay6Field::LINKADDR, 16, linkaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(1, TokenRelay6Field::PEERADDR, 16, peeraddr);
// Level 2 has no encapsulation so the address should be zero length
verifyRelay6Eval(2, TokenRelay6::LINKADDR, 0, zeroaddr);
verifyRelay6Eval(2, TokenRelay6Field::LINKADDR, 0, zeroaddr);
// Lets check that the layout of the address returned by the
// token matches that of the TokenIpAddress
TokenPtr trelay;
TokenPtr taddr;
TokenPtr tequal;
ASSERT_NO_THROW(trelay.reset(new TokenRelay6(1, TokenRelay6::LINKADDR)));
ASSERT_NO_THROW(trelay.reset(new TokenRelay6Field(1, TokenRelay6Field::LINKADDR)));
ASSERT_NO_THROW(taddr.reset(new TokenIpAddress("1::1")));
ASSERT_NO_THROW(tequal.reset(new TokenEqual()));
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