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[3390] Typos corrected.

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......@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@ namespace test {
/// @brief DHCPv4 client used for unit testing.
/// This class implements a DHCPv4 "client" which interoperates with the
/// @c NakedDhcpv4Srv class. It calls @c NakedDhcpv4Srv::fakeRecive to
/// @c NakedDhcpv4Srv class. It calls @c NakedDhcpv4Srv::fakeReceive to
/// deliver client messages to the server for processing. The server places
/// the response in the @c NakedDhcpv4Srv::fake_sent_ container. The client
/// pops messages from this container which simulates reception of the
/// response from the server.
/// The client maintains the leases it acquired from the server
/// The client maintains the leases it acquired from the server.
/// The client exposes a set of functions which simulate different exchange
/// types between the client and the server. It also provides the access to
......@@ -109,10 +109,10 @@ public:
/// @brief Generates a hardware address used by the client.
/// It assiges random values to the bytes of the harware address.
/// It assigns random values to the bytes of the hardware address.
/// @param htype hardware address type. Currently the only type
/// supported is ethernet hardware address.
/// supported is Ethernet hardware address.
/// @return Pointer to the generated hardware address.
HWAddrPtr generateHWAddr(const uint8_t htype = HTYPE_ETHER) const;
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ private:
/// @biref Current transaction id (altered on each send).
uint32_t curr_transid_;
/// @brief Currently use destination address.
/// @brief Currently used destination address.
asiolink::IOAddress dest_addr_;
/// @brief Current hardware address of the client.
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