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[trac719] added a new entry for #719

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XXX. [bug] naokikambe
Resolved that the stats module wasn't configurable in bindctl in spite
of its having configuration items. The configuration part was removed
from the original spec file "stats.spec" and was placed in a new spec
file "stats-schema.spec". Because it means definitions of statistics
items. The command part is still there. Thus stats module currently has
no its own configuration, and the items in "stats-schema.spec" are
neither visible nor configurable in bindctl. "stats-schema.spec" is
shared with stats module and stats-httpd module, and maybe with other
statistical modules in future. "stats.spec" has own configuration and
commands of stats module, if it requires.
(Trac#719, git xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
230. [bug] naokikambe
Removed too repeated verbose messages in two cases of:
- when auth sends statistics data to stats
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