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[3539] Updated user guide with the info about address selection on iface.

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......@@ -348,9 +348,20 @@ url=""/>.
with explicit interface names:
"Dhcp4": { <userinput>"interfaces": [ "eth1", "eth3", "*" ]</userinput>, ... }</screen>
It is anticipated that this will form of usage only be used where it is desired to
It is anticipated that this form of usage will only be used when it is desired to
temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
<para>Some deployments of the DHCP servers require that the servers listen
on the interfaces with multiple IPv4 addresses configured. In some cases,
multiple instances of the DHCP servers are running concurrently and each
instance should be bound to a different address on the particular interface.
The administrator must be able to select this address for each instance.
This can be achieved by appending an IPv4 address to the interface
name using the following notation:
"Dhcp4": { <userinput>"interfaces": [ "eth1/", "eth3/" ]</userinput>, ... }</screen>
Note that it is not allowed to specify more than one address for an interface.
<section id="ipv4-subnet-id">
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