Commit 46d8b003 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2905] (unrelated) style cleanups: use lower_uscore form for variables

per style guideline.
parent 16dea270
......@@ -90,15 +90,15 @@ ConfigurableClientList::configure(const ConstElementPtr& config,
for (; i < config->size(); ++i) {
// Extract the parameters
const ConstElementPtr dconf(config->get(i));
const ConstElementPtr typeElem(dconf->get("type"));
if (typeElem == ConstElementPtr()) {
const ConstElementPtr type_elem(dconf->get("type"));
if (type_elem == ConstElementPtr()) {
isc_throw(ConfigurationError, "Missing the type option in "
"data source no " << i);
const string type(typeElem->stringValue());
ConstElementPtr paramConf(dconf->get("params"));
if (paramConf == ConstElementPtr()) {
paramConf.reset(new NullElement());
const string type(type_elem->stringValue());
ConstElementPtr param_conf(dconf->get("params"));
if (param_conf == ConstElementPtr()) {
param_conf.reset(new NullElement());
// Get the name (either explicit, or guess)
const ConstElementPtr name_elem(dconf->get("name"));
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ ConfigurableClientList::configure(const ConstElementPtr& config,
// no-op. In the latter case, it's of no use unless cache is
// allowed; we simply skip building it in that case.
const DataSourcePair dsrc_pair = getDataSourceClient(type,
if (!allow_cache && !dsrc_pair.first) {
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