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[master] added changelog for #1866

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566. [func]* jinmei
libdns++/Python isc.dns: In Python isc.dns, function style
constants for RRType, RRClass, Rcode and Opcode were deprecated
and replaced with straightforward object constants, e.g., from
RRType.AAAA() to RRType.AAAA. This is a backward incompatible
change (see the Trac ticket for a conversion script if needed).
Also, these constants are now more consistent between C++
and Python, and RRType constants for all currently standardized
types are now supported (even if Rdata for these are not yet
(Trac #1866 and #2409, git e5005185351cf73d4a611407c2cfcd163f80e428)
565. [func]* jelte
The main initializer script (formerly known as either 'bind10',
'boss', or 'bob'), has been renamed to b10-init (and Init in
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