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[master] ChangeLog for trac #438

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162. [func] stephen
Added C++ logging, allowing logging at different severities.
Code specifies the message to be logged via a symbol, and the
logging code picks up the message from an in-built dictionary.
The contents of the dictionary can be replaced at run-time by
locale-specific messages. A message compiler program is provided
to create message header files and supply the default messages.
(Trac #438, git 7b1606cea7af15dc71f5ec1d70d958b00aa98af7)
161. [func] stephen
Added ResponseScrubber class to examine response from
a server and to remove out-of-bailiwick RRsets. Also
does cross-section checks to ensure consistency.
(Trac 496, git b9296ca023cc9e76cda48a7eeebb0119166592c5)
(Trac #496, git b9296ca023cc9e76cda48a7eeebb0119166592c5)
160. [func] jelte
Updated the resolver to take 3 different timeout values;
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