Commit 4ebfd2ae authored by Kazunori Fujiwara's avatar Kazunori Fujiwara
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[2138] added changelog

parent 69a1786a
nnn. [func]* naokikambe, fujiwara
b10-stats polls the bind10 and b10-auth with new 'getstats' command
to retrieve statistics data. The polling interval can be configured
by bindctl command. The 'sendstats' command was removed from bind10
and b10-auth. The 'statistics-interval' config item was removed from
(Trac #2136, #2137 and #2138, git TBD)
458. [build]* jinmei
BIND 10 now relies on Boost offset_ptr, which caused some new
portability issues. Such issues are detected at ./configure time.
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