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......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ public:
* Definitions of the fields to be passed to addRecordToZone().
* Each derived implementation of addRecordToZone() should expect
* the "columns" vector to be filled with the values as described in this
* the "columns" array to be filled with the values as described in this
* enumeration, in this order.
enum AddRecordColumns {
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ public:
* Definitions of the fields to be passed to deleteRecordInZone().
* Each derived implementation of deleteRecordInZone() should expect
* the "params" vector to be filled with the values as described in this
* the "params" array to be filled with the values as described in this
* enumeration, in this order.
enum DeleteRecordParams {
......@@ -113,18 +113,27 @@ public:
DEL_PARAM_COUNT = 3 ///< Number of parameters
/// TBD
/// Operation mode when adding a record diff.
/// This is used as the "operation" parameter value of addRecordDiff().
enum DiffOperation {
DIFF_ADD = 0, ///< This diff is for adding an RR
DIFF_DELETE = 1 ///< This diff is for deleting an RR
* Definitions of the fields to be passed to addRecordDiff().
* Each derived implementation of addRecordDiff() should expect
* the "params" array to be filled with the values as described in this
* enumeration, in this order.
enum DiffRecordParams {
DIFF_NAME = 0, ///< The owner name of the record (a domain name)
DIFF_TYPE = 1, ///< The RRType of the record (A/NS/TXT etc.)
DIFF_TTL = 2, ///< The TTL of the record (in numeric form)
DIFF_RDATA = 3, ///< Full text representation of the record's RDATA
DIFF_PARAM_COUNT = 4 ///< Number of parameters
......@@ -467,10 +476,72 @@ public:
/// to the method or internal database error.
virtual void rollback() = 0;
/// TBD
/// Must be in a transaction. (should that be started by startUpdateZone,
/// or can that be any transaction? => probably yes in future, so include
/// zone_id in param, but for now assume using it with startUpdateZone)
/// Install a single RR diff in difference sequences for zone update.
/// This method inserts parameters of an update operation for a single RR
/// (either adding or deleting one) in the underlying database.
/// (These parameters would normally be a separate database table, but
/// actual realization can differ in specific implementations).
/// The information given via this method generally corresponds to either
/// a single call to \c addRecordToZone() or \c deleteRecordInZone(),
/// and this method is expected to be called immediately after (or before)
/// a call to either of those methods.
/// Note, however, that this method passes more detailed information
/// than those update methods: it passes "serial", even if the diff
/// is not for the SOA RR; it passes TTL for a diff that deletes an RR
/// while in \c deleteRecordInZone() it's omitted. This is because
/// the stored diffs are expected to be retrieved in the form that
/// \c getRecordDiffs() is expected to meet. This means if the caller
/// wants to use this method with other update operations, it must
/// ensure the additional information is ready when this method is called.
/// \note \c getRecordDiffs() is not yet implemented.
/// The caller of this method must ensure that the added diffs via
/// this method in a single transaction form an IXFR-style difference
/// sequences: Each difference sequence is a sequence of RRs:
/// an older version of SOA (to be deleted), zero or more other deleted
/// RRs, the post-transaction SOA (to be added), and zero or more other
/// added RRs. So, for example, the first call to this method in a
/// transaction must always be deleting an SOA. Also, the \c serial
/// parameter must be equal to the value of the serial field of the
/// SOA that was last added or deleted (if the call is to add or delete
/// an SOA RR, \c serial must be identical to the serial of that SOA).
/// The underlying derived class implementation may or may not check
/// this condition, but if the caller doesn't meet the condition
/// a subsequent call to \c getRecordDiffs() will not work as expected.
/// Any call to this method must be in a transaction, and, for now,
/// it must be a transaction triggered by \c startUpdateZone() (that is,
/// it cannot be a transaction started by \c startTransaction()).
/// All calls to this method are considered to be part of an atomic
/// transaction: Until \c commit() is performed, the added diffs are
/// not visible outside the transaction; if \c rollback() is performed,
/// all added diffs are canceled; and the added sequences are not
/// affected by any concurrent attempt of adding diffs (conflict resolution
/// is up to the database implementation).
/// Also for now, all diffs are assumed to be for the zone that is
/// being updated in the context of \c startUpdateZone(). So the
/// \c zone_id parameter must be identical to the zone ID returned by
/// \c startUpdateZone().
/// In a future version we may loosen this condition so that diffs can be
/// added in a generic transaction and may not even have to belong to
/// a single zone. For this possible extension \c zone_id parameter is
/// included even if it's redundant under the current restriction.
/// \exception DataSourceError Invalid call without starting a transaction,
/// zone ID doesn't match the zone being updated, or other internal
/// database error.
/// \exception Other The concrete derived method may throw other
/// data source specific exceptions.
/// \param zone_id The zone for the diff to be added.
/// \param serial The SOA serial to which the diff belongs.
/// \param operation Either \c DIFF_ADD or \c DIFF_DELETE.
/// \param params An array of strings that defines a record for the diff.
virtual void addRecordDiff(
int zone_id, uint32_t serial, DiffOperation operation,
const std::string (&params)[DIFF_PARAM_COUNT]) = 0;
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