Commit 52f22bb0 authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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[master] Merge branch 'trac2702' (DHCPv4 renewal without client-id)

parents 5aa5b4e4 72106475
570. [bug] tmark, marcin, tomek
b10-dhcp4: Address renewal now works properly for DHCPv4 clients
that do not send client ID.
(Trac #2702, git daf2abe68ce9c111334a15c14e440730f3a085e2)
569. [bug] tomek
b10-dhcp4: Fix bug whereby a DHCP packet without a client ID
could crash the MySQL lease database backend.
......@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ AllocEngine::allocateAddress4(const SubnetPtr& subnet,
// Check if there's existing lease for that subnet/clientid/hwaddr combination.
Lease4Ptr existing = LeaseMgrFactory::instance().getLease4(hwaddr->hwaddr_, subnet->getID());
Lease4Ptr existing = LeaseMgrFactory::instance().getLease4(*hwaddr, subnet->getID());
if (existing) {
// We have a lease already. This is a returning client, probably after
// its reboot.
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