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[master] update changelog

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379. [bug] jelte
Configuration commands in bindctl now check for list indices if
the 'identifier' argument points to a child element of a list
item. Previously, it was possible to 'get' non-existent values
by leaving out the index, e.g. "config show Auth/listen_on/port,
which should be config show Auth/listen_on[<index>]/port, since
Auth/listen_on is a list. The command without an index will now
show an error. It is still possible to show/set the entire list
("config show Auth/listen_on").
(Trac #1649, git 003ca8597c8d0eb558b1819dbee203fda346ba77)
378. [func] vorner
It possible to start authoritative server or resolver in multiple
instances, to use more than one core. Configuration is described in
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