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182. [func] jinmei
Support cppcheck for static code check on C++ code. If cppcheck
is available, 'make cppcheck' on the top source directory will run
the checker and should cleanly complete with an exit code of 0
(at least with cppcheck 1.47).
Note: the suppression list isn't included in the final
distributions. It should be created by hand or retrieved from
the git repository.
(Trac #613, git b973f67520682b63ef38b1451d309be9f4f4b218)
181. [func] feng
Add stop interface into dns server, so we can stop each running
server individually. With it, user can reconfigure her running server
with different ip address or port.
(Trac #388, git 6df94e2db856c1adc020f658cc77da5edc967555)
180. [build] jreed
Fix custom DESTDIR for make install. Patch from Jan Engelhardt.
(Trac #629, git 5ac67ede03892a5eacf42ce3ace1e4e376164c9f)
bind10-devel-20110224 released on February 24, 2011
179. [func] vorner
It is possible to start and stop resolver and authoritative
server without restart of the whole system. Change of the
configuration (Boss/start_auth and Boss/start_resolver) is
(Trac #565, git 0ac0b4602fa30852b0d86cc3c0b4730deb1a58fe)
178. [func] jelte
Resolver now makes (limited) use of the cache
(Trac #491, git 8b41f77f0099ddc7ca7d34d39ad8c39bb1a8363c)
177. [func] stephen
The upstream fetch code in asiolink is now protocol agnostic to
allow for the addition of fallback to TCP if a fetch response
indicates truncation.
(Trac #554, git 9739cbce2eaffc7e80640db58a8513295cf684de)
176. [func] zhang likun
src/lib/cache: Rename one interface: from lookupClosestRRset()
to lookupDeepestNS(), and remove one parameter of it.
(Trac #492, git ecbfb7cf929d62a018dd4cdc7a841add3d5a35ae)
175. [bug] jerry
src/bin/xfrout: Xfrout use the case-sensitive mode to compress
names in an AXFR massage.
(Trac #253, git 004e382616150f8a2362e94d3458b59bb2710182)
174. [bug]* jinmei
src/lib/dns: revised dnssectime functions so that they don't rely
on the time_t type (whose size varies on different systems, which
can lead to subtle bugs like some form of "year 2038 problem").
Also handled 32-bit wrap around issues more explicitly, with more
detailed tests. The function API has been changed, but the effect
should be minimal because these functions are mostly private.
(Trac #61, git 09ece8cdd41c0f025e8b897b4883885d88d4ba5d)
173. [bug] jerry
python/isc/notify: A notify_out test fails without network
connectivity, encapsulate the socket behavior using a mock
socket class to fix it.
(Trac #346, git 319debfb957641f311102739a15059f8453c54ce)
172. [func] jelte
Improved the bindctl cli in various ways, mainly concerning
list and map item addressing, the correct display of actual values,
and internal help.
(Trac #384, git e5fb3bc1ed5f3c0aec6eb40a16c63f3d0fc6a7b2)
171. [func] feng, jerry, jinmei, vorner
b10-auth, src/lib/datasrc: in memory data source now works as a
complete data source for authoritative DNS servers and b10-auth
uses it. It still misses major features, however, including
DNSSEC support and zone transfer.
(Last trac #553, but many more,
git 6f031a09a248e7684723c000f3e8cc981dcdb349)
170. [bug] jinmei
Tightened validity checks in the NSEC3 constructors, both "from
"text" and "from wire". Specifically, wire data containing
invalid type bitmaps or invalid lengths of salt or hash is now
correctly rejected.
(Trac #117, git 9c690982f24fef19c747a72f43c4298333a58f48)
169. [func] zhang likun, jelte
Added a basic implementation for a resolver cache (though not
used yet).
(Trac #449, git 8aa3b2246ae095bbe7f855fd11656ae3bdb98986)
168. [bug] vorner
Boss no longer has the -f argument, which was undocumented and
stayed as a relict of previous versions, currently causing only
strange behaviour.
(Trac #572, git 17f237478961005707d649a661cc72a4a0d612d4)
167. [bug] naokikambe
Fixed failure of termination of with python3
(Trac #573, git 0e6a18e12f61cc482e07078776234f32605312e5)
166. [func] jelte
The resolver now sends back a SERVFAIL when there is a client
timeout (timeout_client config setting), but it will not stop
resolving (until there is a lookup timeout or a result).
(Trac #497 and #489, git af0e5cd93bebb27cb5c4457f7759d12c8bf953a6)
165. [func] jelte
The resolver now handles CNAMEs, it will follow them, and include
them in the answer. The maximum length of CNAME chains that is
supported is 16.
(Trac #497, git af0e5cd93bebb27cb5c4457f7759d12c8bf953a6)
164. [bug] y-aharen
IntervalTimer: Modified the interface to accept interval in
milliseconds. It shortens the time of the tests of IntervalTimer.
(Trac #452, git c9f6acc81e24c4b8f0eb351123dc7b43f64e0914)
163. [func] vorner
The pimpl design pattern is used in UDPServer, with a shared
pointer. This makes it smaller to copy (which is done a lot as a
sideeffect of being coroutine) and speeds applications of this
class (notably b10-auth) up by around 10%.
(Trac #537, git 94cb95b1d508541201fc064302ba836164d3cbe6)
162. [func] stephen
Added C++ logging, allowing logging at different severities.
Code specifies the message to be logged via a symbol, and the
logging code picks up the message from an in-built dictionary.
The contents of the dictionary can be replaced at run-time by
locale-specific messages. A message compiler program is provided
to create message header files and supply the default messages.
(Trac #438, git 7b1606cea7af15dc71f5ec1d70d958b00aa98af7)
161. [func] stephen
Added ResponseScrubber class to examine response from
a server and to remove out-of-bailiwick RRsets. Also
does cross-section checks to ensure consistency.
(Trac #496, git b9296ca023cc9e76cda48a7eeebb0119166592c5)
160. [func] jelte
Updated the resolver to take 3 different timeout values;
timeout_query for outstanding queries we sent while resolving
timeout_client for sending an answer back to the client
timeout_lookup for stopping the resolving
(currently 2 and 3 have the same final effect)
(Trac 489, git 578ea7f4ba94dc0d8a3d39231dad2be118e125a2)
159. [func] smann
The resolver now has a configurable set of root servers to start
resolving at (called root_addresses). By default these are not
(yet) filled in. If empty, a hardcoded address for f-root will be
used right now.
(Trac #483, git a07e078b4feeb01949133fc88c9939254c38aa7c)
158. [func] jelte
The Resolver module will now do (very limited) resolving, if not
set to forwarding mode (i.e. if the configuration option
forward_addresses is left empty). It only supports referrals that
contain glue addresses at this point, and does no other processing
of authoritative answers.
(Trac #484, git 7b84de4c0e11f4a070e038ca4f093486e55622af)
157. [bug] vorner
One frozen process no longer freezes the whole b10-msgq. It caused the
whole system to stop working.
(Trac #420, git 93697f58e4d912fa87bc7f9a591c1febc9e0d139)
156. [func] stephen
Added ResponseClassifier class to examine response from
a server and classify it into one of several categories.
(Trac #487, git 18491370576e7438c7893f8551bbb8647001be9c)
bind10-devel-20110120 released on January 20, 2011
155. [doc] jreed
Miscellaneous documentation improvements for man pages and
the guide, including auth, resolver, stats, xfrout, and
zonemgr. (git c14c4741b754a1eb226d3bdc3a7abbc4c5d727c0)
154. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrin/b10-zonemgr: Fixed a bug where these programs didn't
receive command responses from CC sessions. Eventually the
receive buffer became full, and many other components that rely
on CC channels would stall (as noted in #420 and #513). This is
an urgent care fix due to the severity of the problem; we'll need
to revisit it for cleaner fix later.
(Trac #516, git 62c72fcdf4617e4841e901408f1e7961255b8194)
153. [bug] jelte
b10-cfgmgr: Fixed a bug where configuration updates sometimes
lost previous settings in the configuration manager.
(Trac #427, git 2df894155657754151e0860e2ca9cdbed7317c70)
152. [func]* jinmei
b10-auth: Added new configuration variable "statistics-interval"
to allow the user to change the timer interval for periodic
statistics updates. The update can also be disabled by setting
the value to 0. Disabling statistics updates will also work as
a temporary workaround of a known issue that b10-auth can block in
sending statistics and stop responding to queries as a result.
(Trac #513, git 285c5ee3d5582ed6df02d1aa00387f92a74e3695)
151. [bug] smann
lib/log/ Modify dlog so that it takes an optional 2nd
argument of type bool (true or false). This flag, if set, will cause
the message to be printed whether or not -v is chosen.
(trac #432, git 880220478c3e8702d56d761b1e0b21b77d08ee5a)
150. [bug] jelte
b10-cfgmgr: No longer save the configuration on exit. Configuration
is already saved if it is changed successfully, so writing it on
exit (and hence, when nothing has changed too) is unnecessary and
may even cause problems.
(Trac #435, git fd7baa38c08d54d5b5f84930c1684c436d2776dc)
149. [bug] jelte
bindctl: Check if the user session has disappeared (either by a
timeout or by a server restart), and reauthenticate if so. This
fixes the 'cmdctl not running' problem.
(trac #431, git b929be82fec5f92e115d8985552f84b4fdd385b9)
148. [func] jelte
bindctl: Command results are now pretty-printed (i.e. printed in
a more readable form). Empty results are no longer printed at all
(used to print '{}'), and the message
'send the command to cmd-ctrl' has also been removed.
(git 3954c628c13ec90722a2d8816f52a380e0065bae)
147. [bug] jinmei
python/isc/config: Fixed a bug that importing custom configuration
(in b10-config.db) of a remote module didn't work.
(Trac #478, git ea4a481003d80caf2bff8d0187790efd526d72ca)
146. [func] jelte
Command arguments were not validated internally against their
specifications. This change fixes that (on the C++ side, Python
side depends on an as yet planned addition). Note: this is only
an added internal check, the cli already checks format.
(Trac #473, git 5474eba181cb2fdd80e2b2200e072cd0a13a4e52)
145. [func]* jinmei
b10-auth: added a new command 'loadzone' for (re)loading a
specific zone. The command syntax is generic but it is currently
only feasible for class IN in memory data source. To reload a
zone "" via bindctl, execute the command as follows:
> Auth loadzone origin =
(Trac #467 git 4f7e1f46da1046de527ab129a88f6aad3dba7562
from 1d7d3918661ba1c6a8b1e40d8fcbc5640a84df12)
144. [build] jinmei
Introduced a workaround for clang++ build on FreeBSD (and probably
some other OSes). If building BIND 10 fails with clang++ due to
a link error about "__dso_handle", try again from the configure
script with CXX_LIBTOOL_LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib (the path actually
doesn't matter; the important part is the -L flag). This
workaround is not automatically enabled as it's difficult to
detect the need for it dynamically, and must be enabled via the
variable by hand.
(Trac #474, git cfde436fbd7ddf3f49cbbd153999656e8ca2a298)
143. [build] jinmei
Fixed build problems with clang++ in unit tests due to recent
changes. No behavior change. (Trac #448, svn r4133)
142. [func] jinmei
b10-auth: updated query benchmark so that it can test in memory
data source. Also fixed a bug that the output buffer isn't
cleared after query processing, resulting in misleading results
or program crash. This is a regression due to change #135.
(Trac #465, svn r4103)
141. [bug] jinmei
b10-auth: Fixed a bug that the authoritative server includes
trailing garbage data in responses. This is a regression due to
change #135. (Trac #462, svn r4081)
140. [func] y-aharen
src/bin/auth: Added a feature to count queries and send counter
values to statistics periodically. To support it, added wrapping
class of asio::deadline_timer to use as interval timer.
The counters can be seen using the "Stats show" command from
bindctl. The result would look like:
... "auth.queries.tcp": 1, "auth.queries.udp": 1 ...
Using the "Auth sendstats" command you can make b10-auth send the
counters to b10-stats immediately.
(Trac #347, svn r4026)
139. [build] jreed
Introduced configure option and make targets for generating
Python code coverage report. This adds new make targets:
report-python-coverage and clean-python-coverage. The C++
code coverage targets were renamed to clean-cpp-coverage
and report-cpp-coverage. (Trac #362, svn r4023)
138. [func]* jinmei
b10-auth: added a configuration interface to support in memory
data sources. For example, the following command to bindctl
will configure a memory data source containing the ""
zone with the zone file named "":
> config set Auth/datasources/ [{"type": "memory", "zones": \
[{"origin": "", "file": ""}]}]
By default, the memory data source is disabled; it must be
configured explicitly. To disable it again, specify a null list
for Auth/datasources:
> config set Auth/datasources/ []
Notes: it's currently for class IN only. The zone files are not
actually loaded into memory yet (which will soon be implemented).
This is an experimental feature and the syntax may change in
future versions.
(Trac #446, svn r3998)
137. [bug] jreed
Fix run_*.sh scripts that are used for development testing
so they use a msgq socket file in the build tree.
(Trac #226, svn r3989)
136. [bug] jelte
bindctl (and the configuration manager in general) now no longer
accepts 'unknown' data; i.e. data for modules that it does not know
about, or configuration items that are not specified in the .spec
(Trac #202, svn r3967)
135. [func] each
Add b10-resolver. This is an example recursive server that
currently does forwarding only and no caching.
(Trac #327, svn r3903)
134. [func] vorner
b10-resolver supports timeouts and retries in forwarder mode.
(Trac #401, svn r3660)
133. [func] vorner
New temporary logging function available in isc::log. It is used by
(Trac #393, r3602)
132. [func] vorner
The b10-resolver is configured through config manager.
It has "listen_on" and "forward_addresses" options.
(Trac #389, r3448)
131. [func] feng, jerry
src/lib/datasrc: Introduced two template classes RBTree and RBNode
to provide the generic map with domain name as key and anything as
the value. Because of some unresolved design issue, the new classes
are only intended to be used by memory zone and zone table.
(Trac #397, svn r3890)
130. [func] jerry
src/lib/datasrc: Introduced a new class MemoryDataSrc to provide
the general interface for memory data source. For the initial
implementation, we don't make it a derived class of AbstractDataSrc
because the interface is so different(we'll eventually consider this
as part of the generalization work).
(Trac #422, svn r3866)
129. [func] jinmei
src/lib/dns: Added new functions masterLoad() for loading master
zone files. The initial implementation can only parse a limited
form of master files, but BIND 9's named-compilezone can convert
any valid zone file into the acceptable form.
(Trac #423, svn r3857)
128. [build] vorner
Test for query name = '.', type = DS to authoritative nameserver
for root zone was added.
(Trac #85, svn r3836)
127. [bug] stephen
During normal operation process termination and resurrection messages
are now output regardless of the state of the verbose flag.
(Trac #229, svn r3828)
126. [func] stephen, vorner, ocean
The Nameserver Address Store (NSAS) component has been added. It takes
care of choosing an IP address of a nameserver when a zone needs to be
(Trac #356, Trac #408, svn r3823)
bind10-devel-20101201 released on December 01, 2010
125. [func] jelte
Added support for addressing individual list items in bindctl
configuration commands; If you have an element that is a list, you
can use foo[X] to address a specific item, where X is an integer
(starting at 0)
(Trac #405, svn r3739)
124. [bug] jreed
Fix some wrong version reporting. Now also show the version
for the component and BIND 10 suite. (Trac #302, svn r3696)
......@@ -12,7 +401,7 @@ bind10-devel-20101201 released on December 01, 2010
122. [func] stephen
src/bin/bind10: Added configuration options to Boss to determine
whether to start the authoritative server, recursive server (or
both). A dummy recursor has been provided for test purposes.
both). A dummy program has been provided for test purposes.
(Trac #412, svn r3676)
121. [func] jinmei
......@@ -73,7 +462,7 @@ bind10-devel-20101201 released on December 01, 2010
112. [func] zhang likun
Add one mixin class to override the naive serve_forever() provided
in python library socketserver. Instead of polling for shutdwon
in python library socketserver. Instead of polling for shutdown
every poll_interval seconds, one socketpair is used to wake up
the waiting server. (Trac #352, svn r3366)
......@@ -654,8 +1043,12 @@ bind10-devel-20100421 released on April 21, 2010
bind10-devel-20100319 released on March 19, 2010
For complete code revision history, see
Specific subversion changesets can be accessed at:
Specific git changesets can be accessed at:^&new=rrrr
or after cloning the original git repository by executing:
% git diff rrrr^ rrrr
Subversion changesets are not accessible any more. The subversion
revision numbers will be replaced with corresponding git revisions.
Trac tickets can be accessed at:
SUBDIRS = doc src
......@@ -8,20 +8,30 @@ DISTCLEANFILES =
# When running distcheck target, do not install the configurations
DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS = --disable-install-configurations
@if [ $(USE_LCOV) = yes ] ; then \
$(LCOV) --directory . --zerocounters; \
rm -rf coverage/; \
else \
echo "Code coverage not enabled at configuration time"; \
exit 1; \
echo "C++ code coverage not enabled at configuration time." ; \
echo "Use: ./configure --with-lcov" ; \
@if [ $(USE_PYCOVERAGE) = yes ] ; then \
rm -f $(abs_top_srcdir)/.coverage ; \
rm -rf $(abs_top_srcdir)/py-coverage-html ; \
else \
echo "Python code coverage not enabled at configuration time." ; \
echo "Use: ./configure --with-pycoverage" ; \
perform-coverage: check
$(LCOV) --capture --directory . --output-file
$(LCOV) --remove \
@if [ $(USE_LCOV) = yes ] ; then \
$(LCOV) --capture --directory . --output-file ; \
$(LCOV) --remove \
c++/4.4\*/\* \
c++/4.4\*/backward/\* \
c++/4.4\*/bits/\* \
......@@ -36,11 +46,37 @@ report-coverage:
\* \
\* \
\*_unittests.h \
$(GENHTML) -o coverage
--output ; \
$(GENHTML) --legend -o $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-cpp-html ; \
echo "Generated C++ Code Coverage report in HTML at $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-cpp-html" ; \
else \
echo "C++ code coverage not enabled at configuration time." ; \
echo "Use: ./configure --with-lcov" ; \
@if [ $(USE_PYCOVERAGE) = yes ] ; then \
$(PYCOVERAGE) html -d $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-python-html --omit=src/bin/bind10/tests/,src/bin/bindctl/tests/,src/bin/cfgmgr/tests/,src/bin/cmdctl/tests/,src/bin/loadzone/tests/,src/bin/msgq/tests/,src/bin/stats/tests/,src/bin/tests/,src/bin/xfrin/tests/,src/bin/xfrout/tests/,src/bin/zonemgr/tests/,src/lib/dns/python/tests/,src/lib/dns/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/cc/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/config/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/datasrc/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/log/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/net/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/notify/tests/,src/lib/python/isc/util/tests/ ; \
echo "Generated Python Code Coverage report in HTML at $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-python-html" ; \
else \
echo "Python code coverage not enabled at configuration time." ; \
echo "Use: ./configure --with-pycoverage" ; \
# for python and c++ test coverage
coverage: clean-coverage perform-coverage report-coverage
clean-coverage: clean-cpp-coverage clean-python-coverage
report-coverage: report-cpp-coverage report-python-coverage
# for static C++ check using cppcheck (when available)
cppcheck --enable=all --suppressions src/cppcheck-suppress.lst \
--quiet --error-exitcode=1 \
--template '{file}:{line}: check_fail: {message} ({severity},{id})' \
#### include external sources in the distributed tarball:
EXTRA_DIST += ext/asio/asio/local/stream_protocol.hpp
......@@ -253,9 +289,4 @@ EXTRA_DIST += ext/asio/asio/is_write_buffered.hpp
EXTRA_DIST += ext/asio/asio/buffered_read_stream_fwd.hpp
EXTRA_DIST += ext/asio/asio/socket_acceptor_service.hpp
EXTRA_DIST += ext/asio/asio.hpp
## include the guide in tarball, later will include the other parts there
## but they cleanup.
EXTRA_DIST += doc/guide/bind10-guide.css
EXTRA_DIST += doc/guide/bind10-guide.html
EXTRA_DIST += doc/guide/bind10-guide.xml
EXTRA_DIST += ext/coroutine/coroutine.h
......@@ -14,12 +14,12 @@ five year plan are described here:
This release includes the bind10 master process, b10-msgq message
bus, b10-auth authoritative DNS server (with SQLite3 backend),
b10-cmdctl remote control daemon, b10-cfgmgr configuration manager,
b10-xfrin AXFR inbound service, b10-xfrout outgoing AXFR service,
b10-zonemgr secondary manager, b10-stats statistics collection and
reporting daemon, and a new libdns++ library for C++ with a python
bus, b10-auth authoritative DNS server (with SQLite3 and in-memory
backends), b10-resolver forwarding DNS server, b10-cmdctl remote
control daemon, b10-cfgmgr configuration manager, b10-xfrin AXFR
inbound service, b10-xfrout outgoing AXFR service, b10-zonemgr
secondary manager, b10-stats statistics collection and reporting
daemon, and a new libdns++ library for C++ with a python wrapper.
Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10
website at
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Simple build instructions:
If building from Subversion repository, run:
If building from Git repository, run:
autoreconf --install
......@@ -93,26 +93,55 @@ Then run "make check" to run these tests.
Code coverage reports may be generated using make. These are
based on running on the unit tests. The resulting reports are placed
in coverage-cpp-html and coverage-python-html directories for C++
and Python, respectively.
The code coverage report for the C++ tests uses LCOV. It is available
from To generate your own HTML report,
from To generate the HTML report,
first configure BIND 10 with:
./configure --with-lcov
The code coverage report for the Python tests uses (aka
pycoverage). It is available from
To generate the HTML report, first configure BIND 10 with:
./configure --with-pycoverage
Doing code coverage tests:
make coverage
Does the following:
Does the clean, perform, and report targets for C++ and Python.
make clean-coverage
Zeroes the lcov code coverage counters and removes the coverage HTML.
Zeroes the code coverage counters and removes the HTML reports
for C++ and Python.
make perform-coverage
Runs the C++ tests (using googletests framework).
Runs the C++ (using the googletests framework) and Python
make report-coverage
Generates the coverage HTML, excluding some unrelated headers.
The HTML reports are placed in a directory called coverage/.
Generates the coverage reports in HTML for C++ and Python.
make clean-cpp-coverage
Zeroes the code coverage counters and removes the HTML report
for the C++ tests.
make clean-python-coverage
Zeroes the code coverage counters and removes the HTML report
for the Python tests.
make report-cpp-coverage
Generates the coverage report in HTML for C++, excluding
some unrelated headers. The HTML reports are placed in a
directory called coverage-cpp-html/.
make report-python-coverage
Generates the coverage report in HTML for Python. The HTML
reports are placed in a directory called coverage-python-html/.
......@@ -164,6 +193,7 @@ config revert: Revert all changes that have not been committed
config commit: Commit all changes
config diff: Show the changes that have not been committed yet
~> bindctl
......@@ -2,14 +2,34 @@
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT(bind10-devel, 20101201,
AC_INIT(bind10-devel, 20110224,
# Checks for programs.
# Libtool configuration
# On FreeBSD (and probably some others), clang++ does not meet an autoconf
# assumption in identifying libtool configuration regarding shared library:
# the configure script will execute "$CC -shared $CFLAGS/$CXXFLAGS -v" and
# expect the output contains -Lxxx or -Ryyy. This is the case for g++, but
# not for clang++, and, as a result, it will cause various errors in linking
# programs or running them with a shared object (such as some of our python
# scripts).
# To work around this problem we define a temporary variable
# "CXX_LIBTOOL_LDFLAGS". It's expected to be defined as, e.g, "-L/usr/lib"
# to temporarily fake the output so that it will be compatible with that of
# g++.
# Use C++ language
......@@ -50,6 +70,11 @@ if test $enable_shared = no; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([BIND 10 requires shared libraries to be built])
[use boost threads. Currently this only means using its locks instead of dummy locks, in the cache and NSAS]),
use_boost_threads=$enableval, use_boost_threads=no)
# allow configuring without setproctitle.