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[master] ChangeLog for trac3113.

parent 3d19eee4
683. [bug] stephen
Modifications to fix problems running unit tests if they are statically
linked. This includes provision of an initialization function that
must be called by user-written hooks libraries if they are loaded by a
statically-linked image.
(Trac #3113, git 3d19eee4dbfabc7cf7ae528351ee9e3a334cae92)
682. [func] naokikambe
New statistics items added into b10-xfrin : ixfr_running, axfr_running,
and soa_in_progress. Their values can be obtained by invoking "Stats
show Xfrin" via bindctl when b10-xfrin is running.
(Trac #2274, git ca691626a2be16f08754177bb27983a9f4984702)
681. [func] tmark
Added support for prefix delegation configuration to b10-dhcp6
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