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[master] Added entry 768 for Trac #3373

Also moved entry 767 above the beta release line.
parent da3b0d4f
bind10-1.2.0beta1 released on March 6, 2014
768. [bug] tmark
Python configuration library now properly merges changes into
configuration items that are maps of items. This corrects a
defect in which a change to an item in a map of items could
committed, only to be lost upon committing a subsequent change
to same map of items during the same bindctl session.
(Trac #3373, git da3b0d4f364d069ffdb47723545798ac589fae42)
767. [func] tomek
Unit-tests for all database backends are now shared. This improves
test coverage for memfile and any future backends that may appear.
(Trac #3359, git 3d6c11630ada9d0681a813cf026f6bb16aabb9fa)
bind10-1.2.0beta1 released on March 6, 2014
766. [func] muks
--disable-dns and --disable-dhcp configure arguments have been
added to conditionally disable the DNS or DHCP components
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