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......@@ -2643,15 +2643,18 @@ can use various data source backends.
<title>Adding a static data source</title>
BIND 10 provides a zone file for the CH (Chaos) class for
BIND 10 includes a zone file named
<filename></filename> in the CH (Chaos) class for
providing information about the server via the AUTHORS.BIND
and VERSION.BIND TXT records.
and VERSION.BIND TXT records. By default, this BIND zone is
configured and its records are served.
Assuming there is no existing static data source, here is how
you can add one, to serve the zones in
<filename></filename> distributed with BIND 10.
If you have removed this zone from the configuration (e.g., by
using the commands in the previous section to disable the
"built-in data source"), here is how you can add it back to
serve the zones in the <filename></filename> file.
<para>First, add the CH class if it doesn't exist:
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