Commit 5c9b7307 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] added changelogs for a couple of piggy-backed fixes in #1791

parent 0c0e8a5f
423. [bug] jinmei
The database based zone iterator now correctly resets mixed TTLs
of the same RRset (when that happens) to the lowest one. The
previous implementation could miss lower ones if it appears in a
later part of the RRset.
(part of Trac #1791, git f1f0bc00441057e7050241415ee0367a09c35032)
422. [bug] jinmei
The database based zone iterator now separates RRSIGs of the same
name and type but for different covered types.
(part of Trac #1791, git b4466188150a50872bc3c426242bc7bba4c5f38d)
421. [build] jinmei
Made sure BIND 10 can be built with clang++ 3.1. (It failed on
MacOS 10.7 using Xcode 4.3, but it's more likely to be a matter of
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