Commit 5fd94aa0 authored by chenzhengzhang's avatar chenzhengzhang
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[master] fix EXTRA_DIST for dns/testdata

parent 7b04ab1a
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST += rdata_rp_fromWire3.spec rdata_rp_fromWire4.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_rp_fromWire5.spec rdata_rp_fromWire6.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_rp_toWire1.spec rdata_rp_toWire2.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_soa_fromWire rdata_soa_toWireUncompressed.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_srv_fromWire
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_txt_fromWire1 rdata_txt_fromWire2.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_txt_fromWire3.spec rdata_txt_fromWire4.spec
EXTRA_DIST += rdata_txt_fromWire5.spec rdata_unknown_fromWire
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