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[trac878] ChangeLog updated.

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266. [func]* tomek
b10-dhcp6: Implemented DHCPv6 echo server. It joins DHCPv6
multicast groups and listens to incoming DHCPv6 client messages.
Received messages are then echoed back to clients. This
functionality is limited, but it can be used to test out client
resiliency to unexpected messages. Note that network interface
detection routines are not implemented yet, so interface name
and its address must be specified in interfaces.txt.
(Trac #878, git 3b1a604abf5709bfda7271fa94213f7d823de69d)
265. [func]* jinmei
b10-resolver: Introduced ACL on incoming queries. By default the
resolver accepts queries from ::1 and and rejects all
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