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updated the the Zone class description with future possible plans of...

updated the the Zone class description with future possible plans of interaction with other data sources.  based on a follow-up discussion in code review.

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......@@ -45,6 +45,18 @@ namespace datasrc {
/// information about the location of a zone file, whether it's loaded in
/// memory, etc.
/// It's not yet clear how the derived zone classes work with various other
/// data sources when we integrate these components, but one possibility is
/// something like this:
/// - If the underlying database such as some variant of SQL doesn't have an
/// explicit representation of zones (as part of public interface), we can
/// probably use a "default" zone class that simply encapsulates the
/// corresponding data source and calls a common "find" like method.
/// - Some data source may want to specialize it by inheritance as an
/// optimization. For example, in the current schema design of the sqlite3
/// data source, its (derived) zone class would contain the information of
/// the "zone ID".
/// <b>Note:</b> Unlike some other abstract base classes we don't name the
/// class beginning with "Abstract". This is because we want to have
/// commonly used definitions such as \c Result and \c ZonePtr, and we want
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