Commit 65b1dd3d authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[4088fd] Added some parser unit tests

parent 92e9995c
......@@ -224,4 +224,34 @@ TEST_F(EvalContextTest, scanParseErrors) {
"or constant hexstring");
// Tests some parser error cases
TEST_F(EvalContextTest, parseErrors) {
checkError("'foo''bar'", "<string>:1.6-10: syntax error, unexpected "
"constant string, expecting end of file");
checkError("== 'ab'", "<string>:1.1-2: syntax error, unexpected ==, "
"expecting option or substring or constant string "
"or constant hexstring");
checkError("'foo' ==", "<string>:1.9: syntax error, unexpected end "
"of file, expecting option or substring or "
"constant string or constant hexstring");
checkError("option 'ab'", "<string>:1.8-11: syntax error, unexpected "
"constant string, expecting [");
checkError("option(10) == 'ab'", "<string>:1.7: syntax error, "
"unexpected (, expecting [");
checkError("option['ab'] == 'foo'", "<string>:1.8-11: syntax error, "
"unexpected constant string, "
"expecting option code");
checkError("option[0xa] == 'ab'", "<string>:1.8-10: syntax error, "
"unexpected constant hexstring, "
"expecting option code");
checkError("substring('foobar') == 'f'", "<string>:1.19: syntax error, "
"unexpected ), expecting \",\"");
checkError("substring('foobar','3') == 'bar'",
"<string>:1.23: syntax error, unexpected ), expecting \",\"");
checkError("substring('foobar',3,3) == 'bar'",
"<string>:1.20: syntax error, unexpected option code, "
"expecting option or substring or constant string or "
"constant hexstring");
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