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[1751] change of #1751 entry to the simpler text for the users according to reviewing

parent b2420059
xxx. [bug] naokikambe
Fix inconsistent statistics counts of Auth via bindctl or
b10-stats-httpd while multiple b10-auth instances are running. Each
count of Auth is accumulated across the instances except an inactive
instances. Introduce a pid argument into the set command of b10-stats
so that b10-stats identifies which instance sends by the PID which the
b10-auth instance sends together with statistics data. Also add a
regression check into systest against that inconsistency.
The statistic counters are now properly accumulated across multiple
instances of b10-auth (if there are multiple instances), instead of
providing result for random instance.
(Trac #1751, git TBD)
401. [func]* jinmei
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