Commit 667d94d9 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[2544] Replace invalid AND with OR operators.

This fixes the omission in previous commit.
parent fdce9eb7
...@@ -858,13 +858,13 @@ public: ...@@ -858,13 +858,13 @@ public:
// Try uint32 type parser. // Try uint32 type parser.
if (!buildParser<Uint32Parser, Uint32Storage >(parser, uint32_values_, if (!buildParser<Uint32Parser, Uint32Storage >(parser, uint32_values_,
param.second) || param.second) &&
// Try string type parser. // Try string type parser.
!buildParser<StringParser, StringStorage >(parser, string_values_, !buildParser<StringParser, StringStorage >(parser, string_values_,
param.second) || param.second) &&
// Try pool parser. // Try pool parser.
!buildParser<PoolParser, PoolStorage >(parser, pools_, !buildParser<PoolParser, PoolStorage >(parser, pools_,
param.second) || param.second) &&
// Try option data parser. // Try option data parser.
!buildParser<OptionDataListParser, OptionStorage >(parser, options_, !buildParser<OptionDataListParser, OptionStorage >(parser, options_,
param.second)) { param.second)) {
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