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[trac4000] Unnecessary messages removed.

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......@@ -394,10 +394,6 @@ will not send a response but will instead ignore the packet. The first
argument contains the client and transaction identification information.
The second argument includes the details of the error.
% DHCP4_PACKET_DROP_NO_TYPE packet received on interface %1 dropped, because of missing msg-type option
This is a debug message informing that incoming DHCPv4 packet did not
have mandatory DHCP message type option and thus was dropped.
% DHCP4_PACKET_NAK_0001 %1: failed to select a subnet for incoming packet, src %2, type %3
This error message is output when a packet was received from a subnet
for which the DHCPv4 server has not been configured. The most probable
......@@ -441,12 +437,6 @@ This error message is issued when preparing an on-wire format of the packet
has failed. The first argument identifies the client and the DHCP transaction.
The second argument includes the error string.
% DHCP4_PACKET_RECEIVE_INTERRUPT packet reception interrupted by signal: %1
This informative message indicates that wait for incoming packet was interrupted
by a signal. This is normal behavior when a signal is received and may
happen during reconfiguration, shutdown or when LFC is being terminated.
The server run will attempt to receive packets again.
% DHCP4_PACKET_RECEIVED %1: %2 (type %3) received from %4 to %5 on interface %6
A debug message noting that the server has received the specified type of
packet on the specified interface. The first argument specifies the
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