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change some docbook tags
move some example prompts for formatting
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......@@ -1248,7 +1248,7 @@ TODO
For example, the Boss module has a 'shutdown' command to shut down
BIND 10, with an optional argument 'help':
<screen><userinput>> Boss shutdown help</userinput>
<screen>&gt; <userinput>Boss shutdown help</userinput>
Command shutdown (Shut down BIND 10)
help (Get help for command)
This command has no parameters
......@@ -1701,7 +1701,7 @@ config set /Boss/components/b10-zonemgr/kind dispensable
The optional <command>show</command> argument may also be used when
executing a script from a file; for example:
<screen><userinput>> execute file /tmp/example_commands show</userinput></screen>
<screen>&gt; <userinput>execute file /tmp/example_commands show</userinput></screen>
<section id="bindctl_execute_directives">
<title>Execute directives</title>
......@@ -2707,8 +2707,8 @@ TODO
As noted above, <command>b10-xfrin</command> uses AXFR for
zone transfers by default. To enable IXFR for zone transfers
for a particular zone, set the <userinput>use_ixfr</userinput>
configuration parameter to <userinput>true</userinput>.
for a particular zone, set the <varname>use_ixfr</varname>
configuration parameter to <quote>true</quote>.
In the above example of configuration sequence, you'll need
to add the following before performing <userinput>commit</userinput>:
<screen>&gt; <userinput>config set Xfrin/zones[0]/use_ixfr true</userinput></screen>
......@@ -4299,7 +4299,7 @@ Logging/loggers [] list
<!-- TODO: adding the empty loggers makes no sense -->
<screen><userinput>&gt; config add Logging/loggers</userinput>
<screen>&gt; <userinput>config add Logging/loggers</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config show Logging</userinput>
Logging/loggers/ list (modified)
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