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[master] Update ChangeLog for merge of #1901

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565. [func]* jelte
The main initializer script (formerly known as either 'bind10',
'boss', or 'bob'), has been renamed to b10-init (and Init in
configuration). Configuring which components are run is henceforth
done through '/Init/components', and the sbin/bind10 script is now
simply a shellscript that runs b10-init. Existing configuration is
automatically updated. NOTE: once configuration with this update
has been saved (by committing any new change with bindctl), you
cannot run older versions of BIND 10 anymore with this configuration.
(Trac #1901, git bae3798603affdb276f370c1ac6b33b011a5ed4f)
564. [func] muks
libdns++: the CNAME, DNAME, MX, NS, PTR and SRV Rdata classes now
use the generic lexer in constructors from text. This means that
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