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[trac542] ChangeLog entry for Trac 542

parent 1aa773d8
244. [func] stephen
In unit tests, allow the choice of whether unhandled exceptions are
caught in the unit test program (and details printed) or allowed to
propagate to the default exception handler. See the bind10-dev thread
for more details.
(Trac #542, git 1aa773d84cd6431aa1483eb34a7f4204949a610f)
243. [func]* feng
Add optional hmac algorithm SHA224/384/812.
(Trac#782,git 77d792c9d7c1a3f95d3e6a8b721ac79002cd7db1).
(Trac#782, git 77d792c9d7c1a3f95d3e6a8b721ac79002cd7db1)
bind10-devel-20110519 released on May 19, 2011
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