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[master] Updated ChangeLog for #2591.

parent aeec2dc1
558. [func] marcin
b10-dhcp4: server now adds configured options to its
responses to a client when client requests them.
A few basic options: Routers, Domain Name, Domain
Name Servers and Subnet Mask are added regardless
if client requested them or not.
(Trac #2591, git aeec2dc1b9c511d17971ac63138576c37e7c5164)
557. [func] stephen 557. [func] stephen
Update DHCP sections of the BIND 10 guide. Update DHCP sections of the BIND 10 guide.
(Trac #2642, git e5faeb5fa84b7218fde486347359504cf692510e) (Trac #2642, git e5faeb5fa84b7218fde486347359504cf692510e)
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