Commit 710e8207 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] changelog entry for #1371 and #1372

parent 80c131f5
327. [func] jinmei
b10-xfrout now supports IXFR. (Right now there is no user
configurable parameter about this feature; b10-xfrout will
always respond to IXFR requests according to RFC1995).
Note also that Trac #1390 is necessary for outbound IXFR to work
in practice, so as of this writing this is not a user visible
(Trac #1371 and #1372, git 80c131f5b0763753d199b0fb9b51f10990bcd92b)
326. [build]* jinmei
Added a check script for the SQLite3 schema version. It will be
run at the beginning of 'make install', and if it detects an old
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