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[trac575] Test for installing of addresses

parent bba7327c
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ parseAddresses(isc::data::ConstElementPtr addresses,
return (result);
installListenAddresses(const AddressList&, AddressList&, asiolink::DNSService&) {}
......@@ -22,6 +22,13 @@
#include <cc/data.h>
* Some forward declarations.
namespace asiolink {
class DNSService;
namespace isc {
namespace server_common {
......@@ -79,6 +86,34 @@ AddressList
parseAddresses(isc::data::ConstElementPtr addresses,
const std::string& elemName);
* \brief Changes current listening addresses and ports.
* Removes all sockets we currently listen on and starts listening on the
* addresses and ports requested in newAddresses.
* If it fails to set up the new addresses, it attempts to roll back to the
* previous addresses (but it still propagates the exception). If the rollback
* fails as well, it aborts the application (it assumes if it can't listen
* on the new addresses nor on the old ones, the application is useless anyway
* and should be restarted by Boss, not to mention that the internal state is
* probably broken).
* \param newAddresses are the addresses you want to listen on.
* \param addressStore is the place you store your current addresses. It is
* used when there's a need for rollback. The newAddresses are copied here
* when the change is successful.
* \param dnsService is the DNSService object we use now. The requests from
* the new sockets are handled using this dnsService (and all current
* sockets on the service are closed first).
* \throw asiolink::IOError when initialization or closing of socket fails.
* \throw std::bad_alloc when allocation fails.
installListenAddresses(const AddressList& newAddresses,
AddressList& addressStore,
asiolink::DNSService& dnsService);
......@@ -103,4 +103,58 @@ TEST_F(ParseAddresses, invalid) {
"}]", "Bad address");
// Test fixture for installListenAddresses
struct InstallListenAddresses : public ::testing::Test {
InstallListenAddresses() :
dnss_(ios_, NULL, NULL, NULL)
valid_.push_back(AddressPair("", 5288));
valid_.push_back(AddressPair("::1", 5288));
invalid_.push_back(AddressPair("", 1));
IOService ios_;
DNSService dnss_;
AddressList store_;
// We should be able to bind to these addresses
AddressList valid_;
// But this shouldn't work
AddressList invalid_;
// Check that the store_ addresses are the same as expected
void checkAddresses(const AddressList& expected, const string& name) {
ASSERT_EQ(expected.size(), store_.size()) <<
"Different amount of elements, not checking content";
// Run in parallel trough the vectors
for (AddressList::const_iterator ei(expected.begin()),
si(store_.begin()); ei != expected.end(); ++ei, ++si) {
EXPECT_EQ(ei->first, si->first);
EXPECT_EQ(ei->second, si->second);
// Try switching valid addresses
TEST_F(InstallListenAddresses, valid) {
// First, bind to the valid addresses
EXPECT_NO_THROW(installListenAddresses(valid_, store_, dnss_));
checkAddresses(valid_, "Valid addresses");
// TODO Maybe some test to actually connect to them
// Try setting it back to nothing
EXPECT_NO_THROW(installListenAddresses(AddressList(), store_, dnss_));
checkAddresses(AddressList(), "No addresses");
// TODO: Once #338 is solved, try switching back to valid addresses
// Try if rollback works
// TODO Enable after #338
TEST_F(InstallListenAddresses, DISABLED_rollback) {
// Set some addresses
EXPECT_NO_THROW(installListenAddresses(valid_, store_, dnss_));
checkAddresses(valid_, "Before rollback");
// This should not bind them, but should leave the original addresses
EXPECT_THROW(installListenAddresses(invalid_, store_, dnss_), IOError);
checkAddresses(valid_, "After rollback");
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