Commit 749fd318 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont

[master] Avoid EXPECT_EQ(true/false, ...) for EXPECT_TRUE/FALSE

parent a0ee985e
......@@ -205,7 +205,9 @@ public:
LeaseCmdsImpl::leaseAddHandler(CalloutHandle& handle) {
bool v4;
// Arbitrary defaulting to DHCPv4 or with other words extractCommand
// below is not expected to throw...
bool v4 = true;
string txt = "malformed command";
try {
......@@ -590,8 +590,8 @@ TEST_F(LeaseCmdsTest, Lease4Add) {
EXPECT_EQ("1a:1b:1c:1d:1e:1f", l->hwaddr_->toText(false));
EXPECT_EQ(3, l->valid_lft_); // taken from subnet configuration
EXPECT_EQ(false, l->fqdn_fwd_);
EXPECT_EQ(false, l->fqdn_rev_);
EXPECT_EQ("", l->hostname_);
// Test execution is fast. The cltt should be set to now. In some rare
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