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[1333u] docstring update

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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ Return Value(s): Pointer to the iterator.\n\
const char* const DataSourceClient_getUpdater_doc = "\
get_updater(name, replace) -> ZoneUpdater\n\
get_updater(name, replace, journaling=False) -> ZoneUpdater\n\
Return an updater to make updates to a specific zone.\n\
......@@ -162,6 +162,22 @@ A data source can be \"read only\" or can prohibit partial updates. In\n\
such cases this method will result in an isc.datasrc.NotImplemented exception\n\
unconditionally or when replace is false).\n\
If journaling is True, the data source should store a journal of\n\
changes. These can be used later on by, for example, IXFR-out.\n\
However, the parameter is a hint only. It might be unable to store\n\
them and they would be silently discarded. Or it might need to store\n\
them no matter what (for example a git-based data source would store\n\
journal implicitly). When the journaling is True, it requires that the\n\
following update be formatted as IXFR transfer (SOA to be removed,\n\
bunch of RRs to be removed, SOA to be added, bunch of RRs to be added,\n\
and possibly repeated). However, it is not required that the updater\n\
checks that. If it is False, it must not require so and must accept\n\
any order of changes.\n\
We don't support erasing the whole zone (by replace being True) and\n\
saving a journal at the same time. In such situation, isc.datasrc.Error\n\
is thrown.\n\
isc.datasrc. NotImplemented The underlying data source does not support\n\
......@@ -170,6 +186,7 @@ Exceptions:\n\
name The zone name to be updated\n\
replace Whether to delete existing RRs before making updates\n\
journaling The zone updater should store a journal of the changes.\n\
} // unnamed namespace
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