Commit 75b29aaa authored by Naoki Kambe's avatar Naoki Kambe
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[trac521] add a new entry

parent 9efbe64f
xxx. [bug] naokikambe
Solved incorrect datetime of "bind10.boot_time" and also added a new
command "sendstats" for Bob. This command is to send statistics data to
the stats daemon immediately. The solved problem is that statistics
data doesn't surely reach to the daemon because Bob sent statistics
data to the daemon while it is starting. So the daemon invokes the
command for Bob after it starts up. This command is also useful for
resending statistics data via bindctl manually.
(Trac #521, git tbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbdtbd)
195. [func] stephen
Resolver will now re-try a query over TCP if a response to a UDP
query has the TC bit set.
(Trac #499, git 4c05048ba059b79efeab53498737abe94d37ee07)
194. [bug] vorner
Solved a 100% CPU usage problem after switching addresses in b10-auth
(and possibly, but unconfirmed, in b10-resolver). It was caused by
repeated reads/accepts on closed socket (the bug was in the code for a
long time, recent changes made it show).
(Trac #657, git e0863720a874d75923ea66adcfbf5b2948efb10a)
193. [func]* jreed
Listen on the IPv6 (::) and IPv4 ( wildcard addresses
for b10-auth. This returns to previous behavior prior to
change #184. Document the listen_on configuration in manual.
(Trac #649, git 65a77d8fde64d464c75917a1ab9b6b3f02640ca6)
192. [func]* jreed
Listen on standard domain port 53 for b10-auth and
(Trac #617, #618, git 137a6934a14cf0c5b5c065e910b8b364beb0973f)
191. [func] jinmei
Imported system test framework of BIND 9. It can be run by
'make systest' at the top source directory. Notes: currently it
doesn't work when built in a separate tree. It also requires
perl, an inherited dependency from the original framework.
Also, mainly for the purpose of tests, a new option "--pid-file"
was added to BoB, with which the boss process will dump its PID
to the specified file.
(Trac #606, git 6ac000df85625f5921e8895a1aafff5e4be3ba9c)
190. [func] jelte
Resolver now sets random qids on outgoing queries using
the boost::mt19937 prng.
(Trac #583, git 5222b51a047d8f2352bc9f92fd022baf1681ed81)
189. [bug] jreed
Do not install the log message compiler.
(Trac #634, git eb6441aca464980d00e3ff827cbf4195c5a7afc5)
188. [bug] zhang likun
Make the rrset trust level ranking algorithm used by
isc::cache::MessageEntry::getRRsetTrustLevel() follow RFC2181
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