Commit 75ff8831 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add missing trac numbers

from vorner via jabber.
parent 3e173f46
......@@ -4,14 +4,14 @@ bind10-devel-20120301 released on March 1, 2012
The UDP IPv6 packets are now correctly fragmented for maximum
guaranteed MTU, so they won't get lost because being too large
for some hop.
(git ff013364643f9bfa736b2d23fec39ac35872d6ad)
(Trac #1534, git ff013364643f9bfa736b2d23fec39ac35872d6ad)
389. [func]* vorner
Xfrout now uses the global TSIG keyring, instead of its own. This
means the keys need to be set only once (in tsig_keys/keys).
However, the old configuration of Xfrout/tsig_keys need to be
removed for Xfrout to work.
(git 5a7953933a49a0ddd4ee1feaddc908cd2285522d)
(Trac #1643, git 5a7953933a49a0ddd4ee1feaddc908cd2285522d)
388. [func] jreed
Use prefix "sockcreator-" for the private temporary directory
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