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[3020] Describe in the BIND 10 guide how to add and use a static data source

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......@@ -2639,6 +2639,38 @@ can use various data source backends.
<section id='datasrc-static'>
<title>Adding a static data source</title>
Assuming there is no existing static data source, here is how
you can add one, to serve the zones in
<filename></filename> distributed with BIND 10.
<para>First, add the CH class if it doesn't exist:
<screen>&gt; <userinput>config add data_sources/classes CH</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config commit</userinput></screen>
Then, add a data source of type <emphasis>MasterFiles</emphasis>
in the CH class to serve the zones in
<screen>&gt; <userinput>config add data_sources/classes/CH</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/type MasterFiles</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/cache-enable true</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/params {"BIND": "/usr/local/bind10/share/bind10/"}</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>config commit</userinput></screen>
Then, lookup the static data from <filename></filename> to test it:
<screen>&gt; <userinput>dig @localhost -c CH -t TXT version.bind</userinput>
&gt; <userinput>dig @localhost -c CH -t TXT authors.bind</userinput></screen>
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