Commit 77182ab9 authored by Marcin Wyszynski's avatar Marcin Wyszynski
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export CalloutManager for testing statically linked libraries

parent 3c5b5bfc
......@@ -53,10 +53,12 @@ libkea_hooks_la_LIBADD += $(top_builddir)/src/lib/exceptions/libkea-exceptions.l
# Specify the headers for copying into the installation directory tree. User-
# written libraries only need the definitions from the headers for the
# CalloutHandle and LibraryHandle objects.
# CalloutHandle and LibraryHandle objects. CalloutManager may be required by
# users testing statically linked KEA binaries.
libkea_hooks_includedir = $(pkgincludedir)/hooks
libkea_hooks_include_HEADERS = \
callout_handle.h \
callout_manager.h \
library_handle.h \
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