Commit 7733a518 authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] update changelog for merge of #1535

parent 66300a3c
417. [bug] jelte
The notify-out code now looks up notify targets in their correct
zones (and no longer just in the zone that the notify is about).
(Trac #1535, git 66300a3c4769a48b765f70e2d0dbf8bbb714435b)
416. [func]* jelte
The implementations of ZoneFinder::find() now throw an OutOfZone
exception when the name argument is not in or below the zone this
zonefinder contains.
(Trac #1535, git 66300a3c4769a48b765f70e2d0dbf8bbb714435b)
bind10-devel-20120329 released on March 29, 2012
415. [doc] jinmei, jreed
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