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Changelog for #2582

parent ced31d8c
248. [func] vorner
The message queue daemon now appears on the bus. This has two
effects, one is it obeys logging configuration and logs to the
correct place like the rest of the modules. The other is it
appears in bindctl as module (but it doesn't have any commands or
configuration yet).
(Trac #2582, git ced31d8c5a0f2ca930b976d3caecfc24fc04634e)
547. [func]* vorner
The b10-loadzone now performs more thorough sanity check on the
loaded data. Some of the checks are now fatal and zone failing
them will be rejected.
(Trac #2436, git 48d999f1cb59f308f9f30ba2639521d2a5a85baa)
546. [func] marcin
DHCP option definitions can be now created using the
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