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[#65,!62] Changes after review.

parent 09963c4a
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ public:
/// supported model is ietf-dhcpv6-server. The parameters moved are
/// valid-lifetime, preferred-lifetime, renew-timer, renbind-timer.
/// @note: currently it is the only from YANH to JSON aka
/// @note: currently it is the only from YANG to JSON aka
/// post-processing adaptor.
/// @param model Model name.
......@@ -113,11 +113,10 @@ To verify that you have the schemas installed, do this:
sysrepoctl -l
Make sure that keatest-module is on the list.
Make sure that keatest-module and other necessary modules are on the list.
Note as DHCP modules are still being developed it can be useful to
deinstall them before reinstalling a more recent version vy:
deinstall them before reinstalling a more recent version:
sudo sysrepoctl --uninstall --module=<module-name>
......@@ -129,11 +128,24 @@ of keatest-module:
- kea-dhcp-ddns
- kea-dhcp4-server
- kea-dhcp6-server
Dependencies are:
Those models depend on the following models:
- ietf-inet-types
- ietf-yang-types
To finish the sysrepod daemon must run as root:
Finally, sysrepod daemon must run be running (as root):
sudo sysrepod
You can run this tool:
to verify that your environment is ready. If there is anything
wrong, it will enumerate the problems and will suggest how to solve
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