Commit 7e75d22f authored by Kean Johnston's avatar Kean Johnston
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Merge branch 'trac3119'

parents d6d7f7d2 ad5750db
......@@ -755,7 +755,24 @@ CPPFLAGS_SAVED=$CPPFLAGS
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([botan/botan.h],,AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing required header files.]))
# ac_header_preproc is an autoconf symbol (undocumented but stable) that
# is set if the pre-processor phase passes. Thus by adding a custom
# failure handler we can detect the difference between a header not existing
# (or not even passing the pre-processor phase) and a header file resulting
# in compilation failures.
if test "x$ac_header_preproc" = "xyes"; then
botan/botan.h was found but is unusable. The most common cause of this problem
is attempting to use an updated C++ compiler with older C++ libraries, such as
the version of Botan that comes with your distribution. If you have updated
your C++ compiler we highly recommend that you use support libraries such as
Boost and Botan that were compiled with the same compiler version.])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing required header files.])
[AC_LANG_PROGRAM([#include <botan/botan.h>
#include <botan/hash.h>
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