Commit 7f8e3a94 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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addressed some of the review comments:

 - use the (syntactically) simpler definition of MasterLoadCallback at the
   cost of relying on boost.function.
 - removed an unnecessary temporary variable.

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parent cb2106ef
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ masterLoad(istream& input, const Name& origin, const RRClass& zone_class,
MasterLoadCallback callback)
RRsetPtr rrset;
ConstRRsetPtr prev_rrset;
string line;
unsigned int line_count = 1;
......@@ -142,8 +141,8 @@ masterLoad(istream& input, const Name& origin, const RRClass& zone_class,
// Everything is okay. Now create/update RRset with the new RR.
// If this is the first RR or the RR type/name is new, we are seeing
// a new RRset.
if (!prev_rrset || prev_rrset->getType() != *rrtype ||
prev_rrset->getName() != *owner) {
if (!rrset || rrset->getType() != *rrtype ||
rrset->getName() != *owner) {
// Commit the previous RRset, if any.
if (rrset) {
......@@ -151,7 +150,6 @@ masterLoad(istream& input, const Name& origin, const RRClass& zone_class,
rrset = RRsetPtr(new RRset(*owner, *rrclass, *rrtype, *ttl));
prev_rrset = rrset;
} while (++line_count, !input.eof());
// Commit the last RRset, if any.
......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
#include <iosfwd>
#include <boost/function.hpp>
#include <exceptions/exceptions.h>
#include <dns/rrset.h>
......@@ -34,88 +36,11 @@ public:
isc::Exception(file, line, what) {}
/// A wrapper class for callback functors and functions of \c masterLoad().
/// This class is intended to be only used as the type of the callback
/// parameter of \c masterLoad(), and not expected to be instantiated
/// explicitly or used in other places.
/// Any functor or function that matches the expected signature of the
/// \c masterLoad() callback is implicitly converted to an object of this
/// class. The original functor or function is kept inside this class
/// in a type independent manner.
/// When \c masterLoad() calls the \c operator() method of this object, which
/// internally retrieves the original functor or function and calls it.
/// The type of the \c callback parameter of \c masterLoad().
/// <b>Note:</b> this class is a simplified and specialized form of
/// Boost.function so that we can benefit from its usability without exposing
/// boost definitions in a public header file.
/// Of course, the advantage comes with the cost of reinventing a relatively
/// complicated trick by ourselves.
class MasterLoadCallback {
/// \name Constructors, Assignment Operator and Destructor.
/// For our purpose, we don't need the assignment operator for this class;
/// for simply we hide it as a private method for now.
/// Constructor.
/// Note: this constructor is intentionally not defined as "explicit"
/// for the convenience of the caller of \c masterLoad(). That is,
/// the caller doesn't have to construct a MasterLoadCallback object
/// when it calls \c masterLoad().
template <typename FUNC>
MasterLoadCallback(FUNC func) :
func_(new FUNC(func)),
/// Copy constructor.
MasterLoadCallback(const MasterLoadCallback& source) :
/// The destructor.
~MasterLoadCallback() { (*deleter_)(func_); }
MasterLoadCallback& operator=(const MasterLoadCallback& source);
/// The callback invoker.
/// It internally retrieves the original functor or function given
/// on construction and calls it.
void operator()(RRsetPtr rrset) {
(*invoker_)(func_, rrset);
template <typename FUNC>
static void invoke(void* func, RRsetPtr rrset) {
FUNC* funcobj = static_cast<FUNC*>(func);
return ((*funcobj)(rrset));
template <typename FUNC>
static void cleanup(void* func) {
delete static_cast<FUNC*>(func);
template <typename FUNC>
static void* copyFunctor(void* func) {
return (new FUNC(*static_cast<FUNC*>(func)));
void* func_;
void (*invoker_)(void*, RRsetPtr);
void (*deleter_)(void*);
void* (*copier_)(void*);
/// This represents a functor object or a function that takes one parameter
/// of type \c RRsetPtr and returns nothing.
typedef boost::function<void(RRsetPtr rrset)> MasterLoadCallback;
/// \name Master zone file loader functions.
......@@ -131,8 +56,10 @@ private:
/// The \c callback parameter is a functor object or a function that
/// takes one parameter of type \c RRsetPtr and returns nothing,
/// i.e. \c void (see below for specific examples).
/// In the case of a functor, it must be copy constructible.
/// More precisely, it can be anything that this form of boost::function
/// can represent, but the caller normally doesn't have to care about
/// that level of details.
/// The ownership of constructed RRsets is transferred to the callback
/// and this function never uses it once it is called.
/// The callback can freely modify the passed \c RRset.
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