Commit 81d20bfe authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[trac497] use responseclassifier in handleRecursiveAnswer

parent b6d39e3d
......@@ -432,6 +432,83 @@ private:
// returns true if we are done
// returns false if we are not done
bool handleRecursiveAnswer(const Message& incoming) {
isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::Category category =
isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::classify(question_, incoming, true);
bool found_ns_address = false;
switch (category) {
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::ANSWER:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::ANSWERCNAME:
copyAnswerMessage(incoming, answer_message_);
return true;
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::CNAME:
// TODO: add CNAME, restart
copyAnswerMessage(incoming, answer_message_);
return true;
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::NXDOMAIN:
copyAnswerMessage(incoming, answer_message_);
return true;
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::REFERRAL:
for (RRsetIterator rrsi = incoming.beginSection(Message::SECTION_ADDITIONAL);
rrsi != incoming.endSection(Message::SECTION_ADDITIONAL) && !found_ns_address;
rrsi++) {
ConstRRsetPtr rrs = *rrsi;
if (rrs->getType() == RRType::A()) {
// found address
RdataIteratorPtr rdi = rrs->getRdataIterator();
// just use the first for now
if (!rdi->isLast()) {
std::string addr_str = rdi->getCurrent().toText();
dlog("[XX] first address found: " + addr_str);
// now we have one address, simply
// resend that exact same query
// to that address and yield, when it
// returns, loop again.
// should use NSAS
zone_servers_.push_back(addr_t(addr_str, 53));
found_ns_address = true;
if (found_ns_address) {
// next resolver round
return false;
} else {
dlog("[XX] no ready-made addresses in additional. need nsas.");
// this will result in answering with the delegation. oh well
copyAnswerMessage(incoming, answer_message_);
return true;
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::EMPTY:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::EXTRADATA:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::INVNAMCLASS:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::INVTYPE:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::MISMATQUEST:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::MULTICLASS:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::NOTONEQUEST:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::NOTRESPONSE:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::NOTSINGLE:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::OPCODE:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::RCODE:
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::TRUNCATED:
// TODO should create SERVFAIL?
return true;
// should not be reached
dlog("[FATAL] unreachable code");
return true;
bool oldhandleRecursiveAnswer(const Message& incoming) {
if (incoming.getRRCount(Message::SECTION_ANSWER) > 0) {
dlog("Got final result, copying answer.");
copyAnswerMessage(incoming, answer_message_);
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